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Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to Why We Lead. 

Here are a few simple rules:

1.) Must be a leadership topic, preferably applicable to anything in the Department of Defense. Identify a problem you have seen with a solution to go along with your issue. Why is your solution better than someone else's?

2.) Must be 1,000 - 2,500 words on a Microsoft Word Document. 12 Point Font, Times New Roman. Use hyperlinked citations to the maximum extent possible. Additionally, send a picture you would like for the cover photo, or I could select one that seems to fit the topic.

3.) Must be your own, no plagiarizing. 

4.) Please submit a short biography at the end of the article in the format under my face shot on the main page.

      example: "Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel "gaberock" Avilla currently serves as Division Chief, Fusion Operations,                             Joint Forces Headquarters DoD Information Network, Ft Meade, Maryland. He is a career Cyberspace                           Operations Officer and a twice graduated squadron commander. He is a graduate of USMC Command                         and Staff College. He was commissioned from ROTC in 2001 with Bachelors's in Computer Information                         Systems and holds two master's degrees in Business Administration and Military Strategic Studies."

5.) Submit to your Public Affairs Office first, if there are doubts. 

6.) Give 2-3 business days to review and edit for publication. Email in Word Doc to:

7.) If you wish to remain anonymous, say so in the email, and we will publish with a pseudonym of your choice. 

Note: Why We Lead is a blog operated by an active-duty officer in the United States Air Force. The views expressed in this blog do not represent the United States Air Force or the Department of Defense.

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